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Open Atrium 2.43: radix theme tooltip error on javascript

Open Atrium 2.43 (and also some previous versions) is affected by a bug mutuated by radix theme.

A “tooltip” undefined error appears if you open javascript console; this issue, in my case, was causing the Drupal View administration Ajax interface unusable (page is redirected to json content).

As always, there might be better fixes, but the below – until someone decide to fix this up, works:

Open Atrium 2.43: missing bootstrap library on oa_radix theme

Right after the update to Drupal Open Atrium version 2.43, all dropdown-toggle buttons were not working any more.

Don’t panic!

Since I’m using a child theme, this time the workaround was to add bootstrap library to the child theme. Something like the below code inside the theme.info file:

stylesheets[all][] = assets/stylesheets/bootstrap.min.css
scripts[] = assets/javascripts/bootstrap.min.js


Open Atrium 2.43: The operator is invalid on filter: Field: Groups audience:target_id.

Last but not least: The operator is invalid on filter: Field: Groups audience:target_id.
If, as me, you will find it printed on the View Administration interface, right after an update, then it’s time to select the filter criteria on the incriminated view and check one of the availabe operators, which for some reason are now blank!

And the error will disappear, permitting you to continue with the editing of the view.

Open edX, modify lms.env.json in devstack

If, while working with devstack distribution of Open edX you have difficulties with lms.env.json and lms.auth.json content (e.g. your configurations are ignored), have a look at


It contains many hardcoded overrides to values which, on production, you would have configured on the two above files.

Use Google Drive public hosting functionality

If you share a folder without assigning any permission, you can build a custom url which points directly to the resource hosted on google cloud service.

https://googledrive.com/host/[folder id]/[file name]

Folder id can be retrieved from the share url, usually it consists in a string of 64 chars or more (usually with dashes).

The file name is the name of the resource, with spaces and any other special char you included.

Manually resync Open edX database after an update

If, like me, right after Open edX platform update you incour in some error, the cause could be the mysql database not synced with the new models.

The command to launch is the following (from a sudo privileged user):

cd /edx/app/edxapp/edx-platform
sudo -u www-data /edx/bin/python.edxapp ./manage.py lms --settings aws syncdb --migrate

The last command will trigger south database sync process. The –migrate, in my case, was mandatory.