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Born as a library to provide support to the statistical calculation on quality control software, Replica has evolved to become a complete and scalable product.

The spread of web applications and the potentials derived from the integration of the R environment within mobile systems (such as smartphones and tablets), has stimulated the study and implementation of an architecture independent from languages, operating systems and hardware.
In addition, the capabilities available to the R environment, combined with the flexibility of JavaScript, open up possibilities almost endless.

use it as a JAVA library

Although the system is born with the aim of providing a high-level web service interface, an application can directly reference Replica and take advantage of its full functionality in autonomy, thus keeping the application stack low.
The adoption of native Java classes, has limited the complexity of the system while maintaining a good level of customization.

or through the web service

Replica Web Service extends the JAVA library by publishing its interface via HTTP by implementing a REST web service.

The decision to distribute the software under the GNU GPL license allows you to use the distributed system as an alternative to expensive commercial products, thus favoring the development of projects with limited economic resources.

deploy and test your R scripts from one unified interface

The management of the entire system is left to a web application specifically developed to efficiently configure the various components and test the correct functioning of your R scripts.
Through the administrative console you can:

  • Manage the cluster nodes (add, delete, start and stop Rserve instances)
  • Deploy R scripts and manage their output parameters
  • Manage users
  • Test deployed scripts from the Javascript terminal

A modular approach to easily integrate R into any application


download vmware virtual machine direct download

vmware image

If you are not a linux user or if you just want to try Replica without installing the whole application stack (java, Tomcat, r, ect), you can download our ready-to-use vmware player virtual machine.
Just download ReplicaWSC1.0.0-beta-ubuntu64-bit.tar.gz (2.4Gb) our latest version virtual machine.
More info the dedicated wiki page. Have fun!

java jar/war packages

If you just want to use Replica library from your application or deploy the Web Service on a tomcat server, the archive replica-bin-1.0.0-beta.tar.gz (18.9Mb) contains all the latest java binaries compiled and ready to use.
More info will come on the dedicated wiki page. have fun!

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